Trattoria Boretti

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Trattoria Boretti chooses mosaic as an eye-catcher!

Fresh Pasta & Coffee. Real. Good. This is how you are welcomed at Trattoria Boretti, a new urban Italian restaurant in Mechelen, Belgium. A modern place that exudes a passion for Italian food, a place with a unique mosaic entrance that introduces you to the world of Boretti. A world that is inextricably linked to Italian food, quality and authenticity!

How to stand out and be different

“The atmosphere of the new trattoria had to match the 'Boretti feeling'; Italian, affordable quality, old Italy in a modern way, good food in a beautiful environment and above all tasty. The design had to be unique and recognizable with a wow effect upon arrival,” says Yvonne Segers (design & styling Trattoria Boretti).

“We invited a number of interior design agencies, where the sketch from Storm Concepts best matched the look & feel we were looking for. The Boretti identity came into its own here.”

Add character to an interior with mosaic

Barry van der Hoeven (interior designer Storm Concepts) explains how the design came about: “The Italian character is reflected in our design, but not too authentic, rather elegant. We looked for components that fit our 'classic meets modern' vision. In the interior design, for example, an abstract form of paneling and a wooden bamboo floor were chosen. But also for round shapes that make the interior cozy and unique. The use of mosaic in the entrance ultimately became the real eye-catcher!”

Trattoria Boretti has really gained character through the use of mosaics; a recognizable eye-catcher in the entrance. This characteristic element makes it unique and is what is talked about long after the visit to the Trattoria. This element is the calling card of the business and will be seen in all Trattoria Boretti branches in the future.

Challenging curves

“In the sketch design I incorporated an image in mosaic at the entrance,” says Barry. “This mosaic has been placed in a curve. I expected that this would pose some challenges. And so I started the search for a solution to turn the idea into reality.”

“I soon found Mozawall and I contacted Eric Eijkens (imagineer at Mozawall BV) to discuss the technical possibilities. During our conversation it became clear that it would certainly be possible to incorporate Mozawall into the curve and provide it with the desired image. After a visit to the showroom we knew; Mozawall would become the eye-catcher of Trattoria Boretti.”

Identical atmosphere, real Italian mosaic

What is special about Mozawall is that the atmosphere is identical to real Italian mosaic. A major advantage is that the image could also be processed from the design. The image has been converted into pixels with each tile being 1 color (just like real Italian glass mosaic). Modularity has also been considered. A repeating pattern has been devised so that this mosaic can be permanently repeated in the same grid.

Trattoria Boretti – a beautiful setting

In terms of look & feel, the first Trattoria Boretti in Mechelen has truly become a beautiful setting with Mozawall being a great element. It is a landmark in the total experience. It is that component that represents the concept of Trattoria Boretti.

Collaboration with Mozawall is great

Eric Eijkens from Mozawall thinks about the technical aspects, incorporating Mozawall into the curve and setting up the pattern that makes it scalable. Always with the desired end result in mind. Both Yvonne and Barry describe the collaboration with Mozawall as super nice.

At Boretti they are also very happy with the end result:

“It is really beautiful, it has really become the calling card of Trattoria Boretti!”

mozaïek tegels met eigen patroon entree Trattoria Boretti Download brochure Mozawall

The origins of Trattoria Boretti

“How can we make the Boretti brand even better known? How do we ensure that we are not only seen by suppliers of kitchen equipment or dealers of BBQs? About 5 years ago, the idea arose to set up a franchise with the name: Trattoria Boretti,” says Yvonne Segers (design & styling Trattoria Boretti) about the origins of Trattoria Boretti.

After extensive preparation, the first branch in Mechelen opened on March 30, 2023. The final goal? Be visible in the street scene in a unique and recognizable way and thus become even more famous. The atmosphere of the Trattoria must perfectly match the 'Boretti feeling'.”

Many more branches will follow in the future. About 27 Trattoria Boretti branches are planned in Belgium in the next 10 years. The next branch to be opened will be in Antwerp, which will probably open in the second quarter of 2024.


Project details

Ontwerp: Storm Concepts
Opdrachtgever: Trattoria Boretti
Fotografie: EYE-FLASH
Realisation mosaic: Mozawall b.v., Waalwijk