What is Mozawall?

About Mozawall®

Mozawall® is made of plastic wall panels (approx. 45.4 x 45.4 cm), each consisting of hundreds of different mosaic stones. Each stone is provided with its own color or color gradient. This way your image or own design becomes visible as a mosaic in your unique tiled wall.

Mozawall® mosaic tile wall

The mosaic wall panels are glued to the wall and these mosaic wall tiles are grouted like normal tiling.

Mozawall® can be easily glued over existing tiling due to its panels of only 1.5 to 3.5 mm thickness. And therefore ideal for tile renovation on bathroom walls, shower walls and kitchen walls.

The end result is barely distinguishable from traditional Italian glass mosaic, but the price of Mozawall is significantly lower.

The patented mosaic wall panel system is waterproof, vandal-proof and not breakable. In addition, it offers limitless creative possibilities with a luxurious and attractive appearance. Any photo, graphic or pattern can be converted into a 'one-of-a-kind' Mozawall® tegelwand.

Advantages Mozawall®
Similar to real mosaic

The luxurious appearance of Mozawall® is comparable to real Italian glass mosaic. The production and installation process of Mozawall® is many times more efficient than traditional Italian glass mosaic, making it many times cheaper.

Installation over existing tiling

Mozawall® can be applied over existing tiling in almost all situations. With a thickness of only 1.5 to 3.5 mm, even the electrical finish is easy to replace.

Every image is applicable

Mozawall® offers endless graphic/atmosphere possibilities because any image or pattern can be converted into Mozawall® mosaic panels. Thousands of 'pixel stones' as a mosaic tile pattern together form your desired image or pattern in mosaic. Low resolution images can also be processed into large surface mosaics.


Mozawall®is not breakable and is also waterproof. Ideal for bathrooms, spas, saunas and swimming pools. Mozawall®is vandal-proof and offers a 5-year warranty.


Made in Holland

The production and patent of Mozawall® are made in the Netherlands. With its own design studio, Mozawall® can also design the image and/or pattern of your Mozawall® if desired. In short; efficient communication, no long delivery times and optimal quality with a 5-year warranty.

Quick installation

Mozawall® panels are easy to cut to size. Also very useful for any obstacles such as electrical points. Unlike normal tiling, this does not involve grinding or sawing (and therefore dust).