Bicyce tunnel Tricht

mozaiek fietstunnel Tricht

Tricht nature in mosaic on bicycle tunnel walls

The pedestrian and bicycle tunnel in the Nieuwsteeg; the last job of the track work in Tricht, Gelderland, was finished with Mozawall mosaic tiles.

For the bicycle tunnel, the panels are glued with extra strong epoxy glue, the joints are carried out with an epoxy mortar. This makes the mosaic wall as vandal-proof as possible. An extra layer of coating has also been applied. This layer ensures that graffiti can be removed, which improves the durability of the mosaic wall. 225 panels (approximately 129,600 mosaic tiles) were supplied for this project. A total of 4 images were processed, spread over 7 planes.

Mosaic on walls of bicycle tunnel

Four photos of nature in Tricht were chosen to decorate the wall in the bicycle tunnel. Recognizable for the people who live there and at the same time an introduction to the beautiful village for people who are not familiar with it. It also gives the tunnel a friendly appearance. It has become a journey of discovery through the nature of Tricht. The municipality and other clients are extremely satisfied with the end result.

Mosaic project of size

For this project, a 17.55m wide x 2.25m high Mozawall was supplied, consisting of 225 panels (that's about 129,600 mosaic tiles)! A total of 4 images were processed, spread over 7 planes.

mozaiek fietstunnel Tricht
natuur tricht

About Van Geffen tegels & natuursteen

Van Geffen is good at carrying out specialist work. This means that on the one hand the company is involved in large swimming pool projects such as municipal swimming pools, sports pools and swimming pools at holiday parks, for example.

On the other hand, they supply and install ceramic industrial floors worldwide. These hexagon tiles can be found in the Netherlands, for example, at breweries, milk producers and bakeries.

Van Geffen can also be found for more difficult work such as the bicycle tunnel in Tricht. This has to do with experience in specialist work and complex regulations (for example in the field of safety).

Project details

Design: aannemerscombinatie Lingense Alliantie
Client: Van Geffen tegels & natuursteen
Architect/client: Pro Rail
Main constructor: aannemerscombinatie Lingense Alliantie
Realisation mosaic: Van Geffen tegels & natuursteen