Capi Europe

mozaiek entree

Art with mosaic stones on the wall in the entrance

For the company CAPI Europe, Mozawall produced photo mosaic walls for the new business premises of the Tilburg company.

At the company Capi Europe in Tilburg, Mozawall has created a unique company entrance with a 42m2 Mozawall wall mosaic. The result, an exclusive eye-catcher with its own atmosphere that is used by Capi Europe in the corporate identity. 

CAPI Europe; the manufacturer of plastic flower pots and planters moved to a new building on the Vossenberg West II business park in Tilburg at the beginning of 2018; the manufacturer of plastic flower pots and planters stands for innovative design made in Holland. Capi Europe produces most of its collections in the Netherlands, in the factory in Tilburg. 

Unique bathroom wall from Mozawall mosaic in the shower

The CAPI Europe office building has its own sports center. The showers in the sports center are also equipped with unique Mozawall mosaic wall tiles.

mozaiek entree
capi-mozawall__origineel beeld mozaiek entree inlay

Iconic image Capi Europe

For the 42m2 entrance wall of CAPI Europe, the company has chosen an image that is iconic for CAPI and its corporate identity. The statue is a man with a pot. The image is used in various corporate identity elements and therefore forms a recognizable CAPI image. 

Project details

Design: Capi Europe
Client: Capi Europe
Main constructor: Bouwbedrijf van de Ven 
Realisation mosaic: Mozawall b.v., Waalwijk