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Design your own mosaic wall tiles for kitchen or bathroom

Don't want a boring back wall near your sink? This Mozawall customer thought that too. A pattern of flowers was converted into mosaic tiles. The color and dimensions were determined together with the customer and the supplied image was converted into pixels. Each tile was given its own color, resulting in a fresh and unique mosaic tile splash wall. This gave the space a completely different atmosphere and experience.

Easy to apply
Whether the mosaic tiles are to be placed on the back wall of the sink, in the kitchen, the toilet, bathroom or laundry room, the mosaic tile panels are easy to install in any room. Even over existing tiling when necessary. Just like normal tiling, the mosaic tiles with your own image are glued to the wall and washed with grout.

Design your own mosaic pattern
Unique to Mozawall is that you as a customer can choose which pattern or which image is processed in mosaic. Find an image that appeals to you or supply your own design. Mozawall converts this image into mosaic for you. There are 2 options; convert to pixels where each tile has one color. Or choose continuous where the print continues over the tiles and a separate tile can therefore have a color transition. Then choose the color of the joint and "voila", your own unique mosaic tile wall has been created

Mosaic back wall with your own image
With Mozawall mosaic wall decoration you make your own design choices so that your mosaic wall perfectly matches your desired style. Do not opt ​​for boring wall tiles for your splashback at the sink, but make it interesting with Mozawall mosaic.

Why choose Mozawall?

  • Unique mosaic wall tiles on the back of your sink!
  • Choose your own image on your mosaic wall
  • Almost indistinguishable from real glass mosaic
  • Easy to apply over existing tiling
  • Available in any format
  • Can be washed in any desired joint color


Also a mosaic back wall?

The page "How does it work?" Explains in steps how to proceed. Do you need help or advice? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you with the realization of your mosaic wall tiles with your own print in your bathroom, kitchen, toilet or laundry room. Make something beautiful with mosaic, something that no one else has