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Mosaic stones wall decoration for bathroom wall

Mosaic wall print gives bathroom a luxurious look
This design bathroom has mosaic wall tiles with your own print. Completely designed by a private Mozawall customer. The mosaic wall print gives the bathroom a very luxurious look, exactly what this customer was looking for.

Beautiful mosaic walls
The mosaic walls are made from Mozawall. Unique to Mozawall is that any desired image can be processed in mosaic tiles. Both in pixel pattern (each stone has its own color) and continuous pattern (the image continues over the tiles).

Mosaic wall with your own image
For the look of this designer bathroom, an image that refers to a Cashmere Paisley pattern was chosen. Soft and attractive with the characteristic curves of a Paisley pattern. The subtle color shades in combination with the pattern give a unique experience to this space. The feeling of luxury and design.

Bathroom with unique mosaic wall
Who doesn't dream of spending every day in a bathroom that looks like it belongs in an expensive hotel suite. A bathroom with a unique Mozawall mosaic wall will become your own luxurious place to relax.

Why choose Mozawall?

  • No one has the same mosaic wall tiles,
  • your bathroom is truly unique!
  • You decide which image and which colors your mosaic wall will have
  • Almost indistinguishable from real glass mosaic
  • Easy to apply over existing tiling
  • Available in any size
  • Can be washed in any desired joint color

Discover the unlimited possibilities of mosaic tiles with print
The Mozawall mosaic walls offer unlimited possibilities. Any desired image can be processed as a mosaic wall. This way you become the designer of your own luxurious bathroom at home. With Mozawall you create the ultimate bathroom experience, right at home!

Do you also want to restyle or renovate a bathroom with mosaic walls?
The page "How does it work?" Explains how to proceed in steps. Do you need help or advice? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you with the realization of your mosaic wall tiles with your own print in the bathroom of your dreams.